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Keep an Eye 2022: (Blok B) Jongen van Hout

Filmblok B

Keep an Eye 2022: Filmblok B

Graduation films of the student class of 2022 of the Netherlands Film Academy; Commercials, To Break a Butterfly, Boy of Wood, It Will Rain

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The films are shown with English subtitles on Sunday.


  • Commercials

    At the end of the fourth year of study, the students make one last short exercise; a commercial. This year they were commissioned to make a commercial for SIRE for one of two fictitious campaigns: Even a little sustainability goes a long way or Try turning a page for a change.

  • Keep an Eye 2022: (Blok B) To Break a Butterfly

    To Break a Butterfly (Fiction, 17’)

    Joy is thirteen. The skate park is her kingdom. This is where she and her friends are in charge. Then one night something strange happens. A stabbing incident. There’s police and Joy’s brother is suddenly acting strange. When Joy finds out what happened, will she still be able to enjoy skating?

    Director: Kate Hummel
    Screenwriter: Indigo Burnett
    Producers: Hannah Schwarz, Roosje Vermeulen
    Cinematography: Elf Godefroy
    Gaffer: Stan Visser
    Production & Art Design: Jakobien Veling, Ziggy Zwart
    Costume Design: Jakobien Veling, Ziggy Zwart
    Editor: Laura Helbing
    VFX Supervisors: Flint Kuijkens, Stevenson Lacroes
    Sound Design: Nancy Konijn
    Re-recording Mixer: Nicky Brekhof, Mark Dijkstra
    Production Sound: Mixer Lesley van Brummelen
    Composer: Alexandros Tomagian

    This film was made with the support of BNNVARA.

  • Keep an Eye 2022: (Blok B) Jongen van Hout

    Boy of Wood (Documentary, 25’)

    One year ago Stijn (14) flew off the handle; he quit school and broke off contact with his mother out of shame. Now he is trying to find something to hold on to in his world full of temptations and expectations, and to make peace with his surroundings and himself.

    Director: Eva Oosterveld
    Producer: Hannah van Helden, Myrthe Laarakker
    Cinematography: Wietger Mosch
    Editor: Erik van der Bijl
    Sound Design: Teun Beumer
    Re-recording Mixer: Lesley van Brummelen
    Production Sound: Tauro ter Horst
    VFX Supervisors: Aaron van Daalen, Wijnand Meijer
    Composer: Emanuele Pellegrini
    Post-production Coordinator: Myrthe Laarakker

    This film was made with the support of KRO-NCRV.

  • Keep an Eye 2022: (Blok B) It Will Rain

    It Will Rain (Fiction, 35’)

    When the two brothers, Nawras and Ward, are being wrongfully imprisoned in a horrific Syrian prison after they attended a protest, the end of their lives seems near. Miraculously, Nawras is released from prison. This makes him face a terrible dilemma: should he stay to fight against injustice in Syria or should he flee his homeland

    Director: Amir Zaza
    Screenwriters: Zeynep Dülger, Amir Zaza
    Producers: Aziza van den Berg, Ingmar Conjarts, Loes Lucker
    Cinematography: Tonko Bossen
    Gaffer: Boyd Bakema Yannick Giraud
    Production Design: Muhammed Zekeriya Berber
    Art Direction: Maikel Samsom
    Editor: Marre Bonke
    VFX Supervisors: Praba Anandasundaram, Stevenson Lacroes, Gilles Vink
    Supervising Sound Editor: Jesse Enzler
    Sound Design: Tauro ter Horst
    Re-recording Mixer: Felicia Koolhoven
    Production Sound Mixer: Nancy Konijn
    Composer: Mojan Alaiyeh

    This film was made with the support of HUMAN.


Production year



86 min.



Part of

Keep an Eye Filmacademie Festival 2022

Class of 2022 of the Netherlands Film Academy will graduate during the eleventh edition of the Keep an Eye Film Academy Festival.

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Keep an Eye 2022: (Blok B) It Will Rain
Keep an Eye 2022: (Blok B) To Break a Butterfly
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