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Keep an Eye MAFilm Film by Palacios

The absurdity of the global ecological crisis and the Anthropocene is that they occur on a geological time scale, something humans can barely attempt to grasp. But we can attempt, and in this project I use different cinematic means to do so. The geological drama can take different shapes. This one is not a drama in the catastrophic sense but in a narrative one, a kind of storytelling whose speculative tentacles are interwoven with the temporality of the stones.

Poster keep an eye filmacademie 2020

Permanent Being is a dramatic exploration of the stories embedded in a flysch—a kind of natural geological formation— on the Basque Coast. In this place, a large part of the history of our planet is literally written in stone. All kinds of global events are recorded in the vertical rock strata of these coastal cliffs: the extinction of the dinosaurs, the inversion of the magnetic poles, and even past global warmings. Each strata is a long-exposure photograph registering the image of a long-gone world. If one day our current time is also turned into stone, how will it be remembered? The film operates on the assumption that these rocks are a sort of memory that records the complex dynamics of not only the transformations of the Earth over eons, but also the memories of those who walk on them.


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  • 8 June — 29 September 2024

    Albert Serra


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