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Keep an Eye MAFilm Film by SandeNovo

A film as a pilgrimage; a journey, often into an unknown or foreign place, where a person goes in search of new or expanded meaning about their self, others, nature, or a higher good.

Poster keep an eye filmacademie 2020

The film in progress Lightseekers takes us on a journey that started from Federico Sande Novo”s wish to understand his mother and her decades-long connection to a spiritual cult. While using cinema to explore the topic of belief he became interested in the inaccessible quality of her experience and, ultimately, in the impossibility of fully grasping his mother”s identity only through reasoning or theorizing.

The process of making the film opened a way of working where Federico embraced uncertainty and turned it into a method. The research master in Amsterdam gave him the space to look at his mother and the material from a distance, and the time in Argentina during the lockdown this spring, convinced him that uncertainty can be a fruitful base to work from. This methodology aims to rethink the problem of what happens when either the questions cannot be plainly formulated, or the answers will never be found. His research slowly shifted towards praising the value of experiencing not knowing and being lost, setting the bases for a critical meditation around the subjects of authorship and authority.

“When I was able to take some distance and embrace the flaws of this project, I could turn what initially felt as a problem into a value.”

The value of error and the unpredictable changes in his creative process shaped the final form of his project, and sparked the deep ethical concerns he went into. “I learned that error can be something that informs me and that I can use – it is a very expressive tool. Even though it reveals you as a vulnerable author that maybe did not exactly get what he was looking for. Looking for a film is not, after all, about arriving to answers, but how to go about looking; how to travel.”

In Suspension Points there are two forms to be seen: Journey to the City of Light is a diary in the form of a leporello focuses on the notes he made during his confusing trip to the cult, while the film in progress portrays the particular way his mother”s quest for meaning intersected his own.


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