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KINGS OF WAR Jan Versweyveld 06

Kings of War

NL, 2021 / 250 min.

Recording of the livestream of the theatrical work Kings of War in which Ivo van Hove combines Shakespeare’s plays Henry V, Henry VI and Richard III Shakespeare into an explosive production about leadership. With an introduction on how livestreaming offers both theatres and audiences.

KINGS OF WAR Jan Versweyveld 06
In a sequence of kings, Shakespeare provides an impression of political leaders facing off with the ultimate responsibility of life and death in times of war. In his own inimitable fashion he introduces us to the psychology of those in power, but also the machinations of their advisors. Kings of War depicts decision-making mechanisms during political crises, the confrontation between state interests and the lust for power.


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Kings of War


250 min.





Part of

All About Theatre About Film

Film and theatre influence each other continuously. To celebrate that relationship between the two worlds, Eye has invited stage director Ivo van Hove and scenographer Jan Versweyveld to compile an exhibition.

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All About Theatre About Film: Antonioni Project (after Michelangelo Antonioni) (2009) © Jan Versweyveld

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Recording of the livestream of the theatrical work Kings of War. Part of the All About Theater About Film exhibition.

Still kings of war theater 2
Still kings of war theater

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