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La Flor (Parte 1)

Mariano Llinás / AR, 2016 / 225 min.

The director Mariano Llinás, the actresses from the theatre group Piel de Lava and many others worked for about 10 years on La Flor. With a total length of 868 minutes (including preprogrammed intervals and end credits), this film is undoubtedly monumental. The maker himself says in an interview: "It’s a film like a Christmas tree".

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La Flor is really one mega film consisting of six individual films – from mummy B-flick to spy drama. Llinás casts the same four actresses in different roles, creating a masterful homage to cinema itself.

First part of a monumental masterpiece that, as a whole, is an ode to pleasure in the cinematographic narrative, or rather a rediscovery of this. Part one comprises two episodes: a B-film with a cursed mummy and a musical-romantic drama combined with a mystery, both without any real ending.

La Flor (Parte 1) was first seen at IFFR 2017 when part two and part three were not yet completed, and it won the HBF Audience Award.

[source: IFFR]



Mariano Llinás

Production year




Original title

La Flor (Parte 1)


225 min.


Spanish, French, English, German, Russian, Swedish





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