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La Flor (Parte 3)

Mariano Llinás / AR, 2018 / 320 min.

The director Mariano Llinás, the actresses from the theatre group Piel de Lava and many others worked for about 10 years on La Flor. With a total length of 868 minutes (including preprogrammed intervals and end credits), this film is undoubtedly monumental. The maker himself says in an interview: "It’s a film like a Christmas tree".

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La Flor is really one mega film consisting of six individual films – from mummy B-flick to spy drama. Llinás casts the same four actresses in different roles, creating a masterful homage to cinema itself. Parte 1 and Parte 2 won the Hubert Bals Fund Audience Award in 2017 and 2019 respectively.

Parte 3 comprises episodes 4-6 and an end-credit sequence. Episode four is described by the filmmaker as “a little difficult to describe”. In probably the most complex, but also the most fascinating and tragicomic episode, Mariano Llinás presents a filmmaker (who looks like him) who, after a long period shooting, comes into conflict with 'his' four actresses; they demand a complete script. He decides to go and film trees with his film crew, but the women don”t give up that easily... When the filmmaker disappears, an investigator develops a theory about the actresses after reading a story about Casanova.

Episode five – much shorter – is a re-filming of Jean Renoir”s Partie de campagne; the moving sixth episode is based on a 19th-century diary by a British woman who returns to the 'civilised world' after having spent years as a prisoner in the Patagonian wilderness.

[source: IFFR]



Mariano Llinás

Production year




Original title

La Flor (Parte 3)


320 min.


Spanish, English, French, German, Russian, Swedish





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