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Lyric suite 25 1c

Lyric Suite

Lyric Suite

The String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam and Eye present two programmes in which the string quartet and film encounter each other in many different ways. This afternoon: Lyric Suite, an art-house video clip made for Alban Berg’s Lyric Suite.

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Prior to the opening concert of the String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam taking place at the Muziekgebouw this Saturday evening, Eye hosts an extraordinary event: the world premiere of Lyric Suite, an experimental film project by the Catalan Quartet Gerhard under the direction of Bleu Danube (Inaki Abalos - Samuel Gonzalez), an arthouse video clip for Alban Berg”s Lyric Suite. The quartet will perform live the music to the film projection, creating a 4D performance that blurs the boundaries between fiction and reality.

impossible love story

The Catalan Quartet Gerhard and Samuel Gonzalez: “Within Alban Berg”s Lyric Suite lies an impossible love story, written secretly between the notes of a musical masterpiece. By using this story and merging the early 20th-century music with contemporary imagery, we attempt to create an interpretation of the music that fits the cultural codes of today”s society, where music is almost never without images. Creating this strong connection between music and visual imagination — while leaving the music untouched — hopefully evokes a deeper understanding of what this specific music is about, but hopefully also inspires people to use their imagination and search for stories whenever they hear music.”In coproduction with Niusic Management.

See also the performance of Artemis – The Neverending Quartet at Eye on 26 January during the String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam.

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