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IDFA 2023 Mambar Pierrette 1

Mambar Pierrette

Rosine Mbakam / BE, CM, 2023 / 93 min.

Mambar Pierrette is busy, but the dressmaker always has a listening ear for complaining local residents. She also has her own problems: never enough money, an absent husband, a sick mother. And this is even before disaster strikes.

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The start of the new school year means a busy time for dressmaker Mambar Pierette. From dawn till dusk, she sews school uniforms in her wooden hut in a slum in the Cameroonian city of Douala. But she always makes time to listen to the concerns of local residents and friends who drop by.

Not that she doesn’t have any worries of her own. As a mother of three with a husband who refuses to contribute to the household, she never has enough money. Nevertheless, her customers are always haggling over the price, and it costs a fortune to have her ancient sewing machine repaired. But these are minor inconveniences compared to the misfortune that befalls her.

Strictly speaking, Mambar Pierrette is a feature film. But director Rosine Mbakam, who has a background as a documentary maker, films Pierrette’s daily life as if it is really happening to her. The fact that most of the actors are not professionals and are playing themselves strengthens the feeling of authenticity. This drama is real.

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