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Researchlabs 2021 Master Institute of Visual Cultures

Master Institute of Visual Cultures: The future is...

The students of the Master Institute of Visual Cultures all took their own approach to the topic of 'the future' – wildly varying, and that's not so strange.

Poster Researchlabs 2021 Master Institute of Visual Cultures
The future is... Tangible. Well, let's make it tangible. After all, the future is no longer something that will eventually happen, but rather something that we must handle, maybe even tackle. We have now arrived at a point where we consider that what we called progression in the past decades is not necessarily positive for everyone and definitely not inclusive. It is time to consider artistic agency. The future is... Now. Bound to the future is the experience of time. Inherent to thinking about the future is a reflective attitude towards the present and past. However, locating the future might still prove to be a difficult task – it seems abstract and far away. But if you let go of the idea of an unattainable, unimaginable and unclear future, you end up with another possibility: a story that can be told right now. The future is... Me. We are all more or less able to pinpoint the problems we face - but the question is, what is next? It's time to look for a starting point. Let's then take this body, this Self. That's one thing for certain: any future experience, experience of the future will be tied to this one thing that we take with us - ourselves. Face the future, face yourself.

The students have organised a stream of the videoworks for project "The Future" on Sunday 13th of June at 20:00h on this weblink:

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