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Masterclass Gustav Deutsch: VISIONS OF REALITY an Associative Image Atlas

Masterclass by Gustav Deutsch and Hannah Schimek, who will be in EYE for the premiere of Shirley - Visions of Reality. In his earlier work, Gustav Deutsch used film fragments from EYE’s collections, including Welt Spiegel Kino (2005) and Film ist (1998), which were both released at the time by the Film Museum.

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Deutsch has been called a “filmmaker without a camera” and a “juggler of found footage”. Like an archaeologist of film, he offers the audience a perspective on film history, re-arranged according to his own insights. Taken out of their original context, the images re-edited by Deutsch prove to have a new appeal.

His previous highly original explorations of the history of film from its earliest beginnings showed us how to “re-view” early cinema. In his first feature film, Shirley - Visions of Reality, Deutsch now reviews Edward Hopper”s paintings. Hannah Schimek is the art director of this film. Thirteen of Edward Hopper”s most famous paintings are brought to life in carefully designed vignettes presented by the charismatic Shirley, who takes us through three turbulent decades of American history.


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