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Masters of the Avantgarde: Jacques Verbeek en Karin Wiertz - animatoren

A presentation of eight of the thirteen conserved short films made by Karin Wiertz and Jacques Verbeek. All thirteen film are now available on DVD. Verbeek was mainly interested in the technological options for animation, while Wiertz was more concerned with the design of the individual image, rhythm and editing

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Karin Wiertz (1946) studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven together with Jacques Verbeek (1947-1993). Verbeek also attended the Free Academy of Visual Art in The Hague, where he made his first animated films under the supervision of Dutch artist and filmmaker Frans Zwartjes. Wiertz and Verbeek also acted in some of the films made by Paul de Mol, Jan Ketelaars and Frans Zwartjes.

Karin Wiertz, commenting on her short films and her working relationship with Verbeek: “At Psychopolis, an art academy in The Hague, Jacques” mentor Frans Zwartjes taught film in his own idiosyncratic way. I was allowed to attend on Jacques” tuition fees, seeing we didn”t travel to The Hague from Eindhoven every day anyway. As a result I ended up making my graduation film for the Design Academy Eindhoven in The Hague.

By then we were mainly focusing on animated films. We did this non-commissioned work together for 23 years. The production costs for the majority of our thirteen films, all of which are on this DVD, came out of our own pocket. Our last joint presentation was a project on three screens simultaneously, called Any Resemblance, which was presented at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht in 1990.

After Jacques” death in 1993 I did not want to make films anymore. It was something we had always done together, developing a new concept for each film, with Jacques being mainly interested in the technological options for animation while I concentrated more on things like the design of the individual image, the rhythm and the editing. Bertus Borgers wrote and performed the music for all our films. This DVD is the legacy of our joint visual artwork.”

The DVD was made with the assistance of their former producer Willem Thijssen and EYE.

The following films will be screened:ReversalsSlippery SlopeKeep On Turning (1972)Between The LightsUniversity BuildingEasy Action Animated (1978)Case Of The Spiral Staircase, The (1981)There Is A Garden In My Head (1987)Note: double bill program with Machine Room - Research Lab - ArtEZ. Price (reduced price, one ticket for two performances): € 16, -. Double-bill tickets are only available at the box office. The programs are also to visit separately, entry is € 10.


Case of spiral staircase 0
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