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Meet the Archive: Preserving animation, and what to do with VHS?

Meet the Collection: How to preserve animation, and what to do with VHS? Get face to face with the EYE Collection on Collection Day. The Preservation Challenges Beyond Film programme features true animation gems and work by VJ pioneer Peter Rubin.

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Piccolo, Saxo and CompanyNL, Jan Coolen, 1959, Joop Geesink's DollywoodPuppet animation for Philips in which a musical family of string instruments goes out to meet new friends. On their way they meet other instruments such as the family of the woodwinds, saxophones and percussion instruments. In the end they all make music together and a symphony orchestra is born!

The Jewels of Dutch Animation– the NIAF Collection by Curator Leenke RipmeesterAn amazing collection of hundreds of animation films were transferred to EYE Filmmuseum in 2013, along with many boxes of artwork, documents and company archives. The collection came from the NIAF, the Netherlands Institute for Animation Film (1993-2013), which was forced to close its doors due to government cuts. In the past years EYE has faced the complex task of making this collection – consisting of a variety of formats (35mm, 16mm, 8mm, various types of tapes) – accessible to the general public. Curator Leenke Ripmeester discusses a few of the issues encountered during the project and presents some of the recently digitised jewels in the history of Dutch animation from the NIAF collection.

Animation Artwork – A Whole New Set of Preservation Challenges by Aafke Weller and Mette PetersThe EYE collection contains numerous storyboards, drawings, sketches, character studies and images on transparent cellulose acetate foil (cels). Most of these drawings and cels are meaningless outside of their context, but some are unique objects of art with a striking aesthetic or narrative quality. To develop preservation guidelines for animation archives, Mette Peters and Aafke Weller, researchers of the project Materials in Motion ( delved into the animation artwork in the collection of EYE and nosed around in the vaults of several international animation collections such as the Disney Animation Research Library in Los Angeles and the British Film Museum in London.

VJ Peter Rubin: Discoveries from the VHS Tape Collection by Simona Monizza en Eleni TzialliPeter Rubin was a VJ even before the term VJ was in use. Under the stage name MAX-A-VISION! he made a name with his multimedia shows in the celebrated Amsterdam club Mazzo in the 1980s. In the next decade he was at the centre of the German and Dutch rave scene as a visual performer. In 2016 EYE received Rubin”s entire body of work, which includes diverse media such as slides, films, VHS tapes. Since 2017, Curator Simona Monizza and intern Eleni Tzialli have been researching the overwhelming number of VHS tapes featuring Peter Rubin”s work. This presentation will highlight the discoveries made during their research.


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