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Errans 1

Memory, Exile, Travel: Errans

An evening that takes us from Beirut,  Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley, Gaza and Jerusalem to Spitsbergen, Iceland, Brittany and the Mojave Desert. Featuring films by artists who look at landscapes from the perspective of recollection and exile, such as Mira Adoumier’s visual essay Errans (2019) and Basma Alsharif’s experimental film Ouroboros (2017, at 21.15). 

1080x1795 trembling landscapes

The evening is curated by Nat Muller, guest curator of the exhibition Trembling Landscapes: Between Reality & Fiction. With an introduction by Judith Naeff. Followed by a Q&A with Mira Adoumier.

See also the show at 21.15: Ouroboros


Part of

Trembling Landscapes

Landscape is a charged notion in the Middle East.* On the one hand, representations of landscape engage with a heady mix of national and natural borders, tussles over resources and territory, and (colonial) history. On the other hand, it is a rich source of identity, tradition and imagination.

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