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Taartrovers Film Festival 2021

Piccolo and Saxo is a Dutch classic from 1958, a puppet animation film filled with music. The Pea Children is a brand new, handmade puppet animation from Latvia.

Poster Taartovers Film Festival 2021

A beautiful, musical puppet animation film from 1958 ánd a brand new stop motion film from 2020. Both films have been made with enormous dedication and centre around puppets come to life, who take you on an exciting, joyful and beautiful journey. The musical fairy tale Piccolo and Saxo, from Joop Geesink's Dollywood, is a classic, a walking road movie in which all instrument families from an orchestra visit each other and get to know their different sounds. Of course that means an awful lot of music, so keep both your eyes and ears open.

In the puppet film The Pea Children from Latvia, you accompany eight little peas on their adventure when they fall from their safe pod and encounter both the beauty and the dangers of nature.

A ticket grants access to both the film programme and the Playground of the Imagination.



30 min.





Part of

Taartrovers Film Festival 2021

Taartrovers Film Festival is visiting Eye with a programme created especially for young children aged two to nine. Here you can watch wonderful films and discover the Playground of the Imagination, an artistic landscape filled with playful installations. Children can move freely through this landscape to explore, touch and taste.

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