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header MovieZone special: Should Animation Be Political?

The Revolution of Visual Culture: Should Animation be Political?

MovieZone: The Revolution of Visual Culture Should Animation be Political?

In MovieZone: The Revolution of Visual Culture we discuss visual culture in the broadest sense of the word. In this first edition we will dive deeper in the theme animation.

poster MovieZone: Should Animation Be Political?

Animation films often break through stereotypical images. Has animation always been an important tool for social issues, propaganda and political agendas, or is this a new phenomenon? Manon Portos Minetti, Americanist, colonial historian and program maker, will dive deeper into this during the program.

In each edition of The Revolution of Visual Culture we show at least one full special, this time it's It's Nice In Here by director Robert-Jonathan Koeyers. Robert-Jonathan is a multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker, his animation film It's Nice in Here premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 2021. After the film screening, he will discusses the content of his film and the themes that appear in it.

During this evening we will delve further into various clips and discuss the important themes covered in different animations, including police brutality, racism and discrimination. Get blown away by a beautiful program with new, inspiring makers, hosted by musician, actor and host Jennifer Muntslag. Are y'all ready to get some new perspectives?


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