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Mythical Cinemas: The Capitol of Singapore

Mythical Cinemas: The Capitol of Singapore

Raphaël Millet / FR, 2020 / 52 min.

This documentary series takes viewers to mythical cinemas around the world. Every one has unmistakeably left its mark on its country and cinema’s history. In this episode, The Capitol in Singapore.

poster Mythical Cinemas
For 90 years, The Capitol in Singapore – which opened in 1930 – was owned by prestigious families such as the Namazies and the Shaw brothers. The cinema was also a pawn in various historical, cultural and architectural issues. However, The Capitol always rose like a phoenix from the flames and therefore reflects cinema’s history in Singapore and the many changes the city has undergone.



Raphaël Millet

Production year




Original title

Cinémas Mythiques: Le Capitol de Singapour


52 min.



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