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still from Nashi (Daya Cahen, NL 2008)


Daya Cahen / NL, 2009 / 27 min.

How Vladimir Putin prepared Russia’s youth for his dreams of a Great Russian Empire. Daya Cahen spent the summer of 2007 in the Nashi summercamp, “Nashi” being the youth movement instigated by Putin. A selection of 10.000 boys and girls were being carefully prepared to perceive Russia as “the global leader of the 21st Century”.

poster Nashi (Daya Cahen, NL 2008)

Fifteen years ago Daya Cahen was the only outsider allowed to film extensively inside the summer training camp of Vladimir Putin’s radical and patriotic youth movement 'Nashi' ('Ours'), known for breaking up anti-Putin demonstrations and using violence against Putin’s opponents.

In this summer camp 10.000 Russian boys and girls were preparing themselves for a heroic future. They spent two weeks in lockdown, while red banners and loudspeakers hanging from the dome tents in the woods told them what their future should be, while Putin was looking down on them from behind the trees. They are the chosen ones of Russia.

In the present time we look at the work in a different light and can see how a generation of young Russians in a seemingly innocent summer camp were being carefully prepared to perceive Russia as “the global leader of the 21st Century”.

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