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still from Phase IV (Saul Bass, GB/US 1974)

Nature Strikes Back

Koolhoven & Simons: Nature Strikes Back

Martin Koolhoven and Ronald Simons highlight humanity and nature’s conflicts in cinematic history followed by a screening of Phase IV from 1974, legendary designer Saul Bass’ sole directorial outing.

poster Phase IV (Saul Bass, GB/US 1974)

Humanity and nature are seldom a good combination, to put it mildly. Our hubris and misplaced sense of superiority have frequently been punished throughout cinema’s history. How inventive filmmakers always are when depicting nature’s revenge; featuring excerpts from Them!, Empire of the Ants, Godzilla vs The Smog Monster and The Island Of Dr. Moreau. These will be followed by a screening of Phase IV directed by Saul Bass in which super intelligent ants created by cosmic radiation battle humanity.

‘I hope there will be more where this came from,’ wrote a film critic in the Het Parool [Dutch broadsheet] when Saul Bass' ‘intelligently conceived’ science fiction film Phase IV was released. Nevertheless, for Bass – a talented title sequence designer (for Hitchcock and Otto Preminger, among others) – this psychedelic, socially critical monster movie was all he would ever make.

This program was commissioned by InScience - International Science Film Festival Nijmegen, the science film festival in the Netherlands.


Persons under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult


Saul Bass

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Koolhoven & Simons: Nature Strikes Back



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still from Phase IV (Saul Bass, GB/US 1974)
still from Phase IV (Saul Bass, GB/US 1974)
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