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New Circus Origami

New Circus

Cinedans 2023: New Circus

Breathtaking film program with masterful juggling, acrobatics, mind tricks, illusionists and above all: unlimited circus!

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New Circus is becoming a significant movement in dance. And Cinedans increasingly receives films in which circus dance plays a leading role. Reason enough to join forces with TENT, the house for contemporary circus in Amsterdam, to put together a great film program! Immerse yourself in the magical world of new circus with masterful juggling, acrobatics, mind tricks, illusionists and above all: unlimited circus!

15 minutes before the programme starts, circus group Knot on Hands kicks off the programme with a spectacular performance in the Arena of Eye!

Passing by

NL | 2022 | 10'

Director: Jor Timmermans, Britt Timmermans | Choreographer: Knot on Hands

Inspired by the city of Rotterdam, the circus trio Knot on Hands create and reshape situations and connections in the everyday life of the city. Fast transports, big buildings and people walking the street become materials in their effort to depict how it’s like to move with, instead of through, the city.


NL | 2021 | 13'

Director: Yoka van Zuijlen

Yoka van Zuijlen and Nanko Goeting filmed the inimitable movements of eleven circus performers in action at seven iconic locations in Rotterdam. They made explicit use of the city's architectural richness, without directly revealing the identity of the buildings. Get carried away by the swing of these artists' movements.

La Galerie

CA | 2021 | 11' [Dutch premiere]

Director: Loup-William Théberge

During a night visit to the museum, a woman encounters several visitors behaving strangely. She is meandering through the exhibits when one painting catches her attention. She feels captivated by it, and time stands still. A wild desire to touch the painting overwhelms her, after which, to her own bewilderment, she finds herself in a surreal parallel universe.


FR | 2021 | 7'

Director: Christian Beuchet | Choreographer: Matthieu Gary and Sidney Pin

La Volte-cirque is a circus company founded by Matthieu Gary and Sidney Pin based in Nantes. Humour, fear and amazement: the company's acrobats serve us up a cocktail of emotions in this episode of the Chronocircus collection, a circus collection for French TV.


FR | 2020 | 11'

Director: Bergé Sébastien | Choreographer: Satchie Noro

Originating from the collaboration between French-Japanese choreographer Satchie Noro and designer and scenographer Silvain Ohl, Origami shows the encounter between two elements: the body and the container. In this choreographic piece, the two artists are inspired by the playful and ancestral practice of origami to metamorphose this object and make it evolve on a human scale.


FR | 2020 | 6'

Director: Gaëtan Chataigner | Choreographer: Michael Zandl

A man is about to leave his office when he understands that there is no way of getting out of the room. While trying to make sense of his empty time, a hat falls from the sky. The start of a funny and disturbing duel with an uncertain outcome.

The Missing Part

ES | 2015 | 22'

Director: Salvador Sunyer, Baró D'Evel Cirk cie | Choreographer: Marvin Wayne

A film about the human family and its coexistence with animals. In The Missing Part, circus company Baró d'Evel poetically shows how humans, animals and art are bonded.

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Cinedans 2023

From 24 to 26 March, Cinedans once again invites you to Eye with a full programme of the most beautiful, exciting and poetic dance films of the previous year.

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