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New Dutch 1 Physical Culture

New Dutch Shorts 1

Cinedans 2023: New Dutch Shorts 1

The best new Dutch dance films.

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The Dutch dance film is growing in popularity with creators from various disciplines. Cinedans FEST presents, in two out-of-competition programs, a selection of recently produced and exciting Dutch short dance films. This programme is accompanied by a Q&A with the makers.

The Paper Ensemble #16

NL | 2022 | 16'[World premiere]

Director: Jiska Rickels, Jochem van Tol | Choreographer: Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti

In an old empty paper factory, we follow a woman playing with sculptures made of paper. Inspired by the design of Japanese gardens, #16 by The Paper Ensemble invites you to be receptive to a world made entirely out of the sounds of paper: crackling bushes, ocean waves and singing whales.

Physical Culture

NL | 2022 | 8' [World premiere]

Director: Anna Bogomolova | Choreographer: Connor Schumacher

Physical Culture frames rave as a vital human practice in the information age. It invites us to explore physical movement, to discover who we are when we dance and why we do so. It asks universal existential questions and puts them in a refreshingly queer, playful package. It's rave, it's queer, and it's for everyone!


NL | 2022 | 11'

Director: Ibrah Silas Jackson | Choreographer: Ibrah Silas Jackson and Lola Beckers

A depressed and addicted teenager is looking for a way out but struggles with his fears. His overthinking pushes him out of his apartment and comfort zone to the outside world, where time is reversed but he is not. On his journey through the city, he meets strangers who are mere reflections of his turbulent state.

Manusama Nuance: Woven Stories

NL | 2022 | 13' [World premiere]

Director: Ottilie Maters | Choreographer: Gil The Grid

An ode of gratitude to designer Mirjam Manusama's roots, Woven Stories follows the process of how inner-world experience, self-liberation and healing manifest into something as tangible as clothing. A group of dancers showcases how past, present and future merge into her craft.

Heart of Stone

NL | 2022 | 3'

Director: Robert Gradisen, Assi Weitz

In this musical short film, we enter an absurd world in which a playground maintenance technician goes about his daily routine.


NL | 2022 | 4' [World premiere]

Director & Choreographer: Charlie Skuy

Director Charlie Skuy begins an intuitive film series set against a red wall and asks movement artist Kenzo Kusuda "to smell the red". While two dance sequences run next to each other, we are slowly lured in the rigorous and surreal state of mind of Kenzo. Time becomes elastic as there is nothing to predict or define. The two Kenzos form a dream cycle that lets the imagination run wild.


NL | 2022 | 19' [World premiere]

Director: Hesdy Lonwijk | Choreographer: Alida Dors, Donna Chittick

R.I.O.T. explores the mechanisms of an uprising, through a fusion of dance, film and music. How do people become trapped in the system? How does a group empowers the voice of the outcast? In times of increasing polarisation, how can sisterhood and brotherhood be established? Hope is the power to give wings and direction to the future.

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Cinedans 2023

From 24 to 26 March, Cinedans once again invites you to Eye with a full programme of the most beautiful, exciting and poetic dance films of the previous year.

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