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New Dutch 2 Jangan Lupa Jeremy Flohr

New Dutch Shorts 2

Cinedans 2023: New Dutch Shorts 2

The best new Dutch dance films.

poster Cinedans 2023

The Dutch dance film is growing in popularity with creators from various disciplines. Cinedans FEST presents, in two out-of-competition programs, a selection of recently produced and exciting Dutch short dance films. This programme is accompanied by a Q&A with the makers.


NL | 2022 | 11' [World premiere]

Director: Marrit Bausch, Margit Odems, Gemma Rijnders, Anna van Veen | Choreographer: Anna van Veen, Margit Odems, Marrit Bausch

In Solace, three people strive to grasp the meaning of their lives, while trying to latch on to each other. We follow their attempts to find a place of consolation, while the world around them rages on. As time passes, it seems inevitable to surrender to a downfall, only to awaken to the realisation that this feeling is more common than you might expect.


NL | 2023 | 11' [World premiere]

Director: Catherine Van Campen | Choreographer: Joseph Simon

Who were we as a young person? How will we be old? Where does time meet? Cross-Cuts is about the older and younger in ourselves. About the desire for earlier and the looking forward for later. It speaks about the insurmountable boundary that time draws between different phases of life, in which each generation reacts differently to crises. One vital and free, the other hesitant and cautious.

Orla & Sam

DE, NL | 2022 | 11' [World premiere]

Director: Anna Bogomolova | Choreographer: Orla McCarthy

How do we communicate love through movement? How do the thousands of tentative gestures, the fleeting moments of tenderness, the shared jokes and experiences, blend together and make us whole? Orla & Sam is an ode to how we build worlds together, make space for each other and how we express warmth and trust through reciprocated movement.

Purple Scene

NL | 2022 | 7' [World premiere]

Director & Choreographer: Charlie Skuy

A woman with a purple trapezoid is on her way home. Her phone rings and an absurd odyssey of managing her bags and objects begins.

Woman's Work

NL | 2022 | 8' [Dutch premiere]

Director & Choreographer: Annemijn Rijk

With a catwalk as a clamping metaphor for the ideal female image, the women in Woman's Work walk over a narrow steel beam at a great height. While dancing, they balance mutual relationships, pressure, expectations and manipulation. The fall, however, is inevitable. As is the drive to constantly search for how their flexible bodies can withstand the static steel beam.

Jangan Lupa

NL | 2021 | 4'

Director: Jeremy Flohr | Choreographer: Melisa Diktas

Jangan Lupa uses as reference an integration booklet given to people that came to the Netherlands after the Indonesian independence, and gives voice, sound and movement to the search for belonging.

Waves of Burlesque

NL | 2022 | 27'

Director: Colina van Bemmel | Choreographer: Bustie La Tish, Mechteld Geesing, Sofia La Notte

In this documentary, burlesque performers search for a way to relate their alter ego to their role in the outside world. Layer by layer, they expose themselves to the public while trying to change the unwritten rules of society.

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Cinedans 2023

From 24 to 26 March, Cinedans once again invites you to Eye with a full programme of the most beautiful, exciting and poetic dance films of the previous year.

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