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Nico Crama ©Felix Kalkman, 2004

Nico Crama

Ode aan de Nederlandse animatie

Renowned makers of animated films Nico Crama and Paul Driessen will be talking this afternoon about their oeuvres, illustrated by many of their films from Eye’s collection. In this screening: films and discussions with Nico Crama, moderated by NRC film journalist André Waardenburg.

poster Ode aan de Nederlandse animatie: Nico Crama
Today, there will be a double bill with two programmes featuring many films and discussing the oeuvre of animation filmmakers Nico Crama & Paul Driessen. You can buy discounted tickets for both programmes. Both conversations are moderated by NRC film journalist André Waardenburg.


  • De bloemen (Rupert van der Linden, 1967, 6’)

  • Butterfly R.I.P. 1975 (Peter Brouwer & Gerrit van Dijk, 1972, 4’)

  • Sosoon (George Singer, 1974, 8’)

  • The Inflatable Alphabet (Ellen Meske, 1979, 8’)

  • De weg omhoog (Niek Reus, 1984, 6’)

  • Museum (Petra Dolleman, 1987, 4’)

  • Artis (Dick Hageman, 1987, 5’)

  • Musca (Mark Reijnders, 1989, 4’)

  • Festivalleader Valladolid (Maarten Koopman, 1998, 35")

  • Nico Crama, animated by his friends in 2004 (2004, 10’)


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81 min.

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