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North by Northwest

Alfred Hitchcock / US, 1959 / 136 min.

The ultimate Hitchcock: a roller coaster of suspense, humour, technical feats and spectacular chases. This ironic spy thriller film became of Hitchcock’s best known films, not in the least owing to Cary Grant’s superb acting performance. Screened in 35mm (from Eye's collection).

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Advertising executive Roger O. Thornhill (Cary Grant) is mistaken for a secret agent and a hitman and gets caught in a web of deadly intrigues. Suspected of having killed a United Nations diplomat, Thornhill makes his getaway with the help of a mysterious woman (Eva Marie Saint) and barely survives an attempt on his life.

A desperate Thornhill decides to confront both the criminals and the police who pursue him. The film’s unforgettable finale is a chase across the heads of four American presidents on Mount Rushmore.

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North By Northwest was one of Hitchcock’s biggest box office hits. The film has all the ingredients that brought him world fame: suspense, humour and romance, technical feats and spectacular chases.

To film the United Nations building, Hitchcock had to make use of a hidden camera. The interior was reconstructed from photographs he had secretly taken inside the building. North by Northwest is the last film in which Hitchcock and Cary Grant worked together.

Screened in 35mm (Eye collection).

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