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still from Apocalypse: The Four Nightmares

Nuclear Nightmares (shorts) + Wanderwelle (live)

Cinema Ecologica: Nuclear Nightmares (shorts) + Wanderwelle (live)

Electro-acoustic duo Wanderwelle, Morgan Knibbe, and acclaimed experimental filmmaker Bruce Conners imagine the end of time… In Cinema Ecologica: three nuclear nightmares, two of which take place in the past and one in the future.

poster Cinema Ecologica: Nuclear Nightmares + Wanderwelle (live)

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, soldiers unknowingly exposed to nuclear radiation and the American atomic bomb test on Bikini Island: this Cinema Ecologica special looks at key moments in human history.


  • still from Apocalypse: The Four Nightmares

    Wanderwelle: Apocalypse: The Four Nightmares 2022 (W.I.P.)

    Electro-acoustic duo Wanderwelle presents a work in progress of their debut film with live music and sound. Apocalypse: The Four Nightmares depicts the story of a man plagued by a series of feverish dreams that foretell the end of time. The great crises of our time follow one another like hallucinatory nightmares with no escape.

    The source material for Apocalypse: The Four Nightmares comes from Eye's Collection. By cutting up archive footage, re-editing it and adding sound design and music, Wanderwelle places it in a surreal narrative of his own. The film is inspired by the prophetic Bible book the Revelation of John in which the four horsemen of the Apocalypse wreak death and destruction. The complete film will premiere in 2023 as part of the Eye on Art-programme.

    Wanderwelle is a collective consisting of Alexander Bartels (1993) and Phil van Dulm (1993 who are known for electro-acoustic compositions and performances at home and abroad. This year they released their fifth studio album on the prestigious American label Important Records. Black Clouds Above The Bows is the first part of their climatic crisis trilogy.

  • still from The Atomic Soldiers (Morgan Knibbe, US/NL 2018)

    The Atomic Soldiers (Morgan Knibbe, US/NL 2018, 23’)

    While researching for his first feature film, Morgan Knibbe (Those Who Feel the Fire Burning) collected staggering stories from witnesses to the U.S. atomic tests in the 1950s. The few surviving eyewitnesses recount the American atomic tests of the 1950s. After decades of silence, they are now telling their stories for the first time. Their candid testimonies are staggering. After more than forty years of mandatory silence, the last "atomic soldiers" recount their experiences in this short documentary, straight into the camera. The result is a penetrating document about the soldiers who were present at the scene of the disaster. Golden Calf for Best Short Documentary (2018).

  • poster Crossroads (Bruce Conner, US 1976)

    Crossroads (Bruce Conner, US 1976, 37’)

    Bruce Conner, one of the key figures of 20th-century American experimental film, edited 36 minutes' worth of footage made by the American government as they carried out a notorious nuclear bomb test on the Bikini Atoll on 25 July 1946. The test was registered by five hundred cameras, making it the most comprehensive record ever of a critical event in the history of mankind. The Americans detonated the biggest atomic bomb of the 20th century in secret, but the fallout was so massive that the inhabitants of the Bikini Islands were contaminated by the blast and had to be evacuated – causing a worldwide scandal.


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still from The Atomic Soldiers (Morgan Knibbe, US/NL 2018)
still from Crossroads (Bruce Conner, US 1976)
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