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Eye on Sound: Onzichtbaar (Gabriëlle Provaas, NL 2023) (soundwave)


Gabriëlle Provaas / NL, 2023 / 85 min.

Loving portrait of the cleaners who keep our offices clean with a soundtrack by Dutch producer Bas Bron (De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, Fatima Yamaha, Comtron). Screening during ADE 2023.

poster Eye on Sound x ADE: Onzichtbaar

Only when they stop working, do cleaners become visible. The documentary Onzichtbaar highlights the invisible heroes that keep our country clean every day. From schools and offices to hospitals and streets, they labour everywhere, tirelessly and modestly. They work hard and keep society running. Onzichtbaar confronts you with your own involvement and reveals the toll exacted for the clean front we cherish.

The soundtrack of the film will be released later in the evening on October 21 in Tolhuistuin as part of ADE 2023.

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Gabriëlle Provaas

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Eye on Sound: live music in Eye's arena (soundwave)
still Onzichtbaar (Gabriëlle Provaas, NL 2023)
still Onzichtbaar (Gabriëlle Provaas, NL 2023)

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