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Opening Kaboom Animation Festival Amsterdam: Nayola

Kaboom 2023: Opening Amsterdam: Nayola

After kicking off in Utrecht with Expanded Animation, let’s start the Amsterdam festival with animated film and continue the epic animation love fest for everyone who wants to indulge in all things animated. This year, it's all about embracing imperfections, but don't let yourself be fooled: our Opening Night will be the perfect night for animation aficionados!

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Highlighting the importance of untold stories, Kaboom 2023 opens with José Miguel Ribeiro'sNayola, an intergeneration story of three women from the same family whose lives have been torn apart by Angola's deathly civil war. It's a haunting evocation of the rippling effects war has on multiple generations. Even though a festival is a celebration of art, we must not be blind for the horrors brave people in the midst of bloody conflicts go through.

Kaboom Animation Festival, il Luster and Periscoop Film invite you to share this experience with us. This program is by invitation only.

In the presence of director José Miguel Ribeiro and voice actress Medusa.

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Mark your calendar, set the alarm… March 30th through April 2nd. Let yourself be immersed in the animation world during Kaboom Animation Festival. The festival can also be followed online until 2 April.

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