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Still Pariba

Pepr shorts

Peper shorts

Let yourself be transported by three extraordinary stories by rising black makers. Pepr brought together three short films by recently graduated young talent and experienced filmmakers into a single programme.

All three films were selected for the Netherlands Film Festival.


  • Pariba (Aramis Gonzalez)

    Every year, the two friends Julie and Xiomara celebrate carnival together in Pariba. Their day is filled with familiar rituals, but Julie gradually realizes she will not be with Xiomara next year. Pariba tells the story of hundreds of students who leave the ABC islands each year to study in the Netherlands. This means they will have to leave everything and everybody behind to start a new life in an unknown country.

  • Patroon (Mario Gonsalves)

    Since Malik and his mother have moved from Curaçao to the Bijlmer neighbourhood in Amsterdam, they take out their frustrations on each other. Malik finds an outlet in friendships outside home, in pranks, spoken word and fights. But then he falls in love and moves out of the area. When the young couple expect a child and he visits his mother for advice but is disappointed, Malik realizes that only he can decide how to lead his life, whatever happens.

  • I am (Mirella Muroni)

    On her way back from field hockey training, young student Viola (Vi) has an accident with her bike. She gets back on her feet and goes to her boyfriend Kik for help. Kik, who is at work as a night porter, is acting strangely. Then it starts to rain, and the rain appears to hold a secret. Vi asks herself the question: ‘Where are you?’. Every time she prepares to answer her own question, she starts her sentence by saying: ‘I am…’.



Aramis Gonzalez, Mario Gonsalves en Mirella Muroni

Production year



48 min.


The Netherlands

Original title

Pepr shorts




Dutch and Papiaments

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