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Research Labs 2022: Piet Zwart

Piet Zwart Institute: I Dream I Fall

Research Labs 2022

In this moving image programme, artists and filmmakers dive headlong into the fever dreams of our reality. How do we connect with a climate of distrust and a planet in flux?

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What can be salvaged from the archives of our collective memories? Can communication extend beyond networks to outer space? Students from the Piet Zwart Institute gather their image-making powers to explore fantasies and mythologies found in the everyday.

One of the works is a single screen installation, 'Macro Landscape #2', which can be experienced in the 'Waterfront'.

Exhibiting artists include Melek Bahce, Simon Becks, Kotryna Buruckaitė, Yuqing Cao, Garvan Corr, Aitan Ebrahimoff, Falcone Geddes, Luis Luján, Luca Ottmann, Pelle Nijburg, Veere Van Gent, Georgiana Barcan, Sacha Dufils, Adèle Grégoire, Shannon Liang, Martin Osowski, Tessel Schmidt and Luca Tichelman.

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Research Labs

In 2022 we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Eye Research Labs. Every year during the time of the Research Labs presentations, Eye is a hub for students of academies and universities who flock to present their own work and view that of others.

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Research Labs 2022: Piet Zwart
Research Labs 2022: Piet Zwart
A performance to accompany Switch during Research Labs 2022

Winners 2022

During the festive 10th edition, the Best, Most Urgent and Most Surprising works were awarded by the Cherry Pickers, a group of students from the participating academies.

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