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Poel, De

Chris Mitchell / NL, 2014 / 85 min.

Camping out in the wild on a lake in the forest – it seems idyllic, but a relaxing holiday turns into a mean struggle to survive in this psychological horror tale De Poel (The Pool). Dutch top actors Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Carine Crutzen, Bart Klever and Katja Herbers star in House of Netherhorror’s first production.


Lennart and Rob need to get away from it all after having been fired from their jobs. The two former bankers set out with their wives and children and pitch their tents near a deserted lake. But the peaceful retreat in nature is not what they expect it to be; tensions soon run high among the campers, and the local plant and animal life turns out to possess mysterious, even deadly powers.

De Poel is the first film produced by House of Netherhorror, a production company set up to create Dutch horror, fantasy and SF films. It is no coincidence that one of the driving forces behind the production house is Jan Doense a.k.a. “Mr.Horror”. Doense is the founder of The Weekend of Terror and the Fantastic Film Festival, nowadays known as Imagine.

Both the creative directorship of Anglo-Dutch filmmaker Chris Mitchell and the performance of the prestigious cast were acclaimed by the press. A remarkable detail: this robust horror thriller was co-scripted by one of the film”s leading actors, Scholten van Aschat, who added a touch of “ancient Greek dramaturgy” to the screenplay.

“ “Director and scriptwriter know their classics” - Het Parool “Deserves to be as well-known as Dutch RomComs” -



Chris Mitchell

Production year




Original title

Poel, De


85 min.




DCP non-encrypted

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