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Polska Warrior2

Polska Warrior

Camiel Schouwenaar / NL, 2016 / 25 min.

An unconventional, moving ánd comical film about superheroes and fears, in which the real world and game world meet.

Poster Taartovers Film Festival 2021

Erik takes swimming lessons. His father, a former swimming champion, has high hopes for his son. But Eryk does not like swimming at all. He much prefers gaming. In his online game he is Polska Warrior, the undisputed champion who can take on the whole world. In the swimming pool and his real life, Eryk struggles with the expectations others hold of him. Gaming allows him an escape, until he can no longer escape and has to face his fears. He then shows he can also be a true hero in real life.

A moving, funny, and thrilling animation for all children who can sometimes be heroes, but often cannot.

A ticket grants access to both the film programme and the Playground of the Imagination.



Camiel Schouwenaar

Production year




Original title

Polska Warrior


25 min.





Part of

Taartrovers Film Festival 2021

Taartrovers Film Festival is visiting Eye with a programme created especially for young children aged two to nine. Here you can watch wonderful films and discover the Playground of the Imagination, an artistic landscape filled with playful installations. Children can move freely through this landscape to explore, touch and taste.

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