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still from Adonia (Iztok Klančar & Belle Dommage, 2021-2023)

Queer Resilience (shorts)

Eye on Art: Queer Resilience (shorts)

Queer and unabashed: experimental filmmaker Iztok Klančar selected six short films for an evening on resistance and resilience within the queer community. On the gay scene in late-Communist Poland and the wonderfully politically incorrect (trans) Terror Sisters.

poster Queer Resilience (shorts)
This promises to be a "cinematic rollercoaster", according to filmmaker Iztok Klančar, who was asked by Eye to select a number of short films that present a candid look at parts of the spectrum of LHBTQIA+ experience.

The programme includes works from filmmakers using a range of tactics: some are searching for an aesthetics all of their own that corresponds to new gender roles in the 21st century, while others focus on existing film genres and distort these, undermine them and use them to tell their own stories.

Klančar: “Get ready to meet characters with complex emotional landscapes, people who had to rethink gender roles and sexuality and might even decide to use it as a weapon. This evening you will see queer in a narrative it deserves, in all its honesty and without any sugar-coating.”


  • Lovestory (John Mark Fitzpatrick, 2022, 3’32”)

    A gay fairy tale that defies the supposedly dark perception of male sexuality. A dreamy fetish romance that includes shame, love at first sight, confrontation with authority and plenty of colourful socks.

  • Afterimages (Karol Radziszewski, 2018, 15’)

    A short story about a photographic film from the archive of Ryszard Kisiel that both tells Kisiel's personal story and paints a portrait of the gay scene in late-Communist Poland.

  • What Is a Woman? (Marin Håskjol, 2020, 14’12”)

    When a trans woman enters a female locker room, a heated discussion erupts with different women defending their visions of womanhood. Håskjol’s film is based on (vehement) social media posts that address the position of trans and non-binary people.

  • Terror Sisters! (Alexis Langlois, 2019, 28’)

    Trans people become terrorists in Alexis Langlois’ comic, over-the-top story about violence as a necessary evil in the struggle for rights. Not for the faint-hearted or the politically correct: Langlois’ pulp characters are not at all cuddly – “it’s a hell of a trip”, says Klančar.

  • Starfuckers (Antonio Marziale, 2022, 15’)

    Drag as a creative means of subverting the power structures of the commercial film world. The drag queen as an alter ego – performed with impressive meticulousness – renegotiating their place in a patriarchal society.

  • Adonia (Iztok Klančar & Belle Dommage, 2021-2023, 4’) (première)

    An ecosexual fairy tale and dreamy merging of ancient paganism with Alice in Wonderland. A “romantically pagan experiment” (Klančar) inspired by Alexander McQueen’s show Collection No. 13, that plays with both sides of the gender spectrum.

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still from Cloacinae Serge Onnen & Sverre Fredriksen, NL 2017)
still from Adonia (Iztok Klančar & Belle Dommage, 2021-2023)
still from Adonia (Iztok Klančar & Belle Dommage, 2021-2023)
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