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Reprojection: Paul Sharits and the Analytical Film

In this special program, a collaboration between KLIK and EYE, we spotlight the work of visual artist Paul Sharits, best known for his work in experimental filmmaking. Sharits’ films, rather than just expecting viewers to follow along, instead invite them to move through the film on their own. Like watching water flowing or a candle flame, observing the small changes in form in his films is almost a meditative experience.

Paul sharits celluloid stroken

Curated by artists Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder, this program presents two of their artistic precursor”s films. The films in this program have no dialogue. Work by Gibson & Recoder is currently on show in EYE in the exhibition Celluloid.


Analytical Studies II: Unframed Lines Paul Sharits, 1971-1976, 16mm, 41”


Declarative Mode Paul Sharits, 1976-1977, 16mm double projection, 50”



Declarative mode paul sharits
Portret paul sharits
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