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Restored & Unseen: Nynke

Pieter Verhoeff / NL, 2001 / 108 min.

Dutch filmmaker Pieter Verhoeff died on 17 April this year. Following The Mark of the Beast  (1980) and The Dream (1985), Nynke was his third feature film to be based on true events that took place in the Northern Netherlands in the early twentieth century. A film about writer Nynke van Hichtum, who finds herself torn between literary ambition and motherhood. Screened in 35mm (conserved by Eye).

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Nynke is introduced by senior curator Rommy Albers.

Eye also screens Pieter Verhoeff”s feature film debut The Mark of the Beast (4 November).

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Pieter Verhoeff

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Restored & Unseen: Nynke


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Restored & Unseen

At last, a chance to see that Italian classic that’s been on the list for so long? Or relish that wonderful restoration of Blue Movie, the Netherlands’ most talked-about nude film of the seventies, when the Bijlmer district was still a sexual paradise? Restored & Unseen is a biweekly programme featuring classics and recent restorations, with introductions by experts.

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