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Rizi (Days)

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Tsai Ming-liang / TW, 2020 / 127 min.

What is needed to express human emotion? Filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang proves less is more in cinema.

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What is needed to express human emotion? Filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang proves less is more in cinema.

Kang drifts through life and suffers from illness and pain. Then he meets Non. The two men find consolation in each other’s company before they go their own way again.

Tsai’s regular lead actor Lee Kang-sheng plays the older man in a virtually wordless performance. The camera meticulously records the quiet actions of everyday life, like shredding a cucumber, or oiling a body. And time? It passes calmly as it always does.

In 2019 Eye presented a retrospective of the work of renowned filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang. As Rizi (which competed in the Berlin Film Festival in 2020) was unable to find a Dutch distributor, Eye acquired the film for its collection and distribution catalogue.

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Tsai Ming-liang

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Rizi (Days)


127 min.


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Screened at prominent national and international festivals, yet never released in Dutch cinemas. Quite unjustly so, Eye Filmmuseum thinks, and so it has once again brought an exceptional selection of films from international festivals to the Netherlands.

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Why in Eye

Rizi is Tsai’s first fiction film since he announced he would stop making feature films in 2015. In the meantime he has created the VR work The Deserted (2017) and the non-fiction film Your Face (2018). Both were screened at Eye.

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