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EYE presents new work by Dutch artists and experimental filmmakers recently added to the EYE collection. The programme features short films by emerging artists and established filmmakers, including Johan Rijpma, Katarina Zdjelar, Lichun Tseng and others.

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The new collection films are distributed by EYE and will also be screened at international festivals. The programme throws light on recent trends in the field of the artists” film and the short experimental film. Most of the filmmakers featured in the programme will be present at a Q&A.


(AAA) Mein HerzKatarina Zdjelar (The Netherlands, 2016, 5')Shot in a single take, this film shows a young woman simultaneously performing four compositions. Preserving the original style, pace and rhythm of the individual compositions, she maintains the key of the different music pieces. Silence, music, sound and words alternate and collide. The face and vocal chords of the woman thus become a battleground for the jolting transition between the several tracks. The second projection serves as a footnote to the work, compiling the moments of silence during the recording.

ExtrapolateJohan Rijpma (The Netherlands, Japan, 2016, 2')In this hand-drawn animation a line is extrapolated through a grid. As the line leaves the grid, the process shifts to and reflects on the boundaries beyond. The extrapolation of movement beyond each boundary results in deformation, in a systematic but also speculative manner.

Sea FactoryPim Zwier (The Netherlands, Russia, 2017, 13')Since part of the Baltic fleet left, Kronstadt is no longer a closed military city. The restored cathedral has become the new focus of this town, which must recapture its own destiny and fill the void that was left behind. The photographic process of colour separation used in the film reflects the town”s state between past and future: its turbulent history, the changing ideologies and the increasing tourism. Sea Factory is the second film in a series of works inspired by the photography of Sergey Prokudin-Gorskii.

The Captured Light of an InstantLichun Tseng (The Netherlands, 2017, 20')'I make landscapes out of what I feel. I make a holiday out of sensation”, Fernando Pessoa wrote in The Book of Disquiet. Filmmaker Lichun Tseng embraced this idea in The Captured Light of an Instant, capturing many moments on 35mm and turning them into a layered experience in which time and place coincide. Restlessness turns into concentration.

The Brick HouseEliane Esther Bots (The Netherlands, 2016, 16')Two friends, Sapa and Hija, repeat and share brief anecdotes from their lives. Both have come to the Netherlands from different countries, and are faced with the possibilities and impossibilities of feeling at home and becoming involved in the world waiting for them outside the apartment.

Explosion ma babyPauline Curnier Jardin (The Netherlands, France, 2016, 8')August. Feel the scorching heat of the sun on your skin. Around you thousands of men are offering the naked bodies of baby boys to a statue of San Sebastian. Suddenly there”s an outburst of shouting, colours, singing and explosions. In the background the women devotedly follow the men.

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