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still S'en fout la mort (Claire Denis, FR/DE 1990)

S'en fout la mort

Claire Denis / FR, DE, 1990 / 91 min.

The tough, shady world of two friends who decide to participate in illegal cock fighting in a Paris banlieue. Soon they are being exploited by a French nightclub owner. New 4K restoration.

poster S'en fout la mort (Claire Denis, FRDE 1990)
Claire Denis’ seldom screened, second feature film is a radical, physical film about the hidden world of underground cock fighting. Isaach De Bankole and Alex Descas play Dah and Jocelyn, two immigrants from Benin and the French West Indies who live in a Paris banlieue. They organise cock fights for a living pressured by restaurant owner (Jean-Claude Brialy) whose cellar is used for the fights. The bloody violence takes its toll and Jocelyn dreams of a life away from this human and animal degrading environment.

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Claire Denis

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S'en fout la mort


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Claire Denis

Eye screens an extensive retrospective of the work of one of France’s most important filmmakers: Claire Denis. In her films, Claire Denis probes the consequences of colonialism and the feeling of being an outsider, devoting particular attention to family tensions, sensuality, desire and the body. The programme features new restorations of her films, with Chocolat (4K) and Beau travail (4K) appearing on the big screen in the Netherlands for the first time.

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still S'en fout la mort (Claire Denis, FR/DE 1990)
still S'en fout la mort (Claire Denis, FR/DE 1990)
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