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still from Senza pietà (Alberto Lattuada, IT 1947)

Senza pietà

Alberto Lattuada / IT, 1947 / 90 min.

Without the human quality of empathy, society degenerates into a jungle where only the strong survive – this is the message of Albert Lattuada’s love story about a young Italian woman and a black American in racist post-war Italy.

poster Senza pietà (Alberto Lattuada, IT 1947)
Livorno in the wake of WWII: on the ruins of defeated fascism, the inhabitants falteringly try to pick up their lives. That tolerance is still not their strongest suit is demonstrated when black American soldier Jerry (John Kiztmiller) falls in love with a young Italian woman Angela (Carla de Poggio). Racism makes their love virtually impossible.

Restored by CSC-Cineteca Nazionale.

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Alberto Lattuada

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Senza pietà


90 min.


English, Italian, Spanish





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Alberto Lattuada

With the rediscovery of Alberto Lattuada, one of the best-kept secrets of Italian cinema can finally be seen again. Lattuada is an often-overlooked filmmaker whose productive career encompasses more than four decades of Italian cinema.

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campaign image Alberto Lattuada: Meester naast Fellini
still from Senza pietà (Alberto Lattuada, IT 1947)
still from Senza pietà (Alberto Lattuada, IT 1947)
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