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Sexy Trailer Show + Boogie Nights

In the Sexy Trailer Show EYE programmer Ronald Simons investigates the development of the pornographic film. Among the guests are Marije Janssen (Platform voor seksualiteit) and Willem van Batenburg, director of homegrown Dutch porn classics like Pruimenbloesem (1982) and ’n Schot in de roos (1983). Followed by Paul Anderson’s Boogie Nights.

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Cinema Erotica

The erotica collection of Eye Filmmuseum includes no fewer than a thousand titles, but they are rarely taken off the shelf. Cinema Erotica brushes aside cinematic decorum to present an ode to lust featuring historical curios, films by contemporary artists, talks and musical performances.

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campaign image Cinema Erotica (still from Viens! VR (Michel Reilhac, FR 2015))
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