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Shorts XL: Perpetual Bonds

Cinedans 2023: Shorts XL: Perpetual Bonds

Complex bonds between models and painters, puppets and puppeteers and a man and his shadow.

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In this exciting and touching trio of shorts, loyalty, dedication and interdependency are at play in the complex relations and bonds between models and painters, puppets and puppeteers, and a man and his shadow.

Mud Water

US | 2022 | 30' [Dutch premiere]

Director & Choreographer: My-Linh Le

Primarily set in Oakland, California, two stories unfold simultaneously: in one, Yung Phil navigates between his loyalty to his friends and his own dreams and ambitions. In the other, a man calls upon the moon to free him from his shadow, after which he immediately regrets his wish being granted.

Anima Animae Animam

ES | 2021 | 30' [Dutch premiere]

Director: Julieta Gasroc, José (Putxa) Puchades Martínez

Anima, the latin word for soul, refers to movement. Does this mean that objects are without soul? Anima Animae Animam pulls us into the world of puppets. It is a tribute to the people who dedicated their lives to sharing their souls with beings that never had them. It's for the people who gave their voices to objects that had so much to say; old forgotten stories. It is a tribute to the puppeteers who, due to their profession, were not allowed to be buried in cemeteries because they were considered soulless.

Medusa's Gaze

FR | 2022 | 26' [Dutch premiere]

Director & Choreographer: Ellénore Lemattre, Benedicte Alloing

"We are the models. We hold the pose to de depicted. Our bodies originate images and works of art. Naked, we outstandingly catch the eye. We freeze to be observed for a long time and to be meticulously examined. And yet, we always vanish". Medusa's Gaze exposes us into the world of models; the choreographers of stillness.

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Cinedans 2023

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