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Sin señas particulares

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Fernanda Valadez / MX, ES, 2020 / 95 min.

Magdalena has not received word of her son since he left home trying to cross the border into the US. The authorities want her to sign a death certificate. Fernanda Valadez’ first long feature film has already been compared with the films of Carlos Reygadas and Amat Escalante.

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A chance encounter with another mother makes Magdalena realize she can’t go on living without finding out what happened to her son.

She embarks on her quest through dangerous territory ruled by drug lords and criminal gangs. The roads are unsafe, buses are ambushed, passengers are robbed, sometimes murdered, their bodies disappearing without a trace. On her way Magdalena meets Miguel, a boy who was ordered to leave the US and has now returned to visit his mother. Much has changed in his country since he left.

Fernanda Valades has a keen eye for detail in this film full of original and poetic imagery. Where other filmmakers often focus on violence, action and machismo nihilism, Valadez takes a different approach. The acting is restrained, there is much that is left unsaid. Sometimes silence speaks louder than words. In Sin señas particulares, everything becomes still.

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Fernanda Valadez

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Sin señas particulares


95 min.


Spanish, North American Indian languages, English





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Why in Eye

Fascinating makers have come from Mexico in recent years, whose work is regularly screened at Eye. Fernanda Valadez is a new and fresh talent whose great commitment impresses straightaway.

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