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still from Small World

Small World

-Casper Braat / NL, 2022 / 27 min.

Wondrous animation and enchanting music in Small World created by composer Camiel Jansen, director Casper Braat and animator Gideon van der Stelt. Young and old are taken to Josh the Mouse’s experiences navigating the big old world and having increasingly wild adventures. Première featuring live music by the Asko | Schönberg Ensemble. A family screening as part of the Grachtenfestival in collaboration with Eye.

poster Eye on Sound: Small World
Scintillating animation featuring live music from up-and-coming composer Camiel Jansen, performed by the renowned Asko | Schönberg Ensemble led by Clark Rundell. The music defines Small World: the animation was made to suit the movement and character of the music, not vice versa as is more common in films.

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-Casper Braat

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Small World


27 min.


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Eye on Sound

With Eye on Sound, Eye focuses on the special relationship between image and sound. Expect live music to silent films, live bands from today to classics of yesteryear, brand new scores to films from the versatile Eye collection and special attention to the often neglected art of sound design.

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