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still from Some Like it Hot (Billy Wilder, US 1959)

Some Like It Hot

Billy Wilder / US, 1959 / 121 min.

Mix Billy Wilder’s dry humour, the deadpan faces of Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis, the sex appeal of Marilyn Monroe and a fast-paced storyline and what you get is the hilarious screwball comedy Some Like It Hot. The gender-bending classic is screened in a 35mm print. 

poster Some Like it Hot (Billy Wilder, US 1959)
1920s Chicago: jazz musicians Joe and Jerry involuntarily witness a bloodbath caused by rival gangsters and go undercover in an all-girl orchestra on its way to Florida. The duo dress as women to play in the band. Both guys fall head over heels for the sexy, seemingly naive Sugar (Monroe), the ukulele-playing lead singer whose sensuous pouting lips sing: ‘I wanna be loved by you’.

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This movie contains scenes of violencePersons under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult


Billy Wilder

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Some Like It Hot


121 min.







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still from Some Like it Hot (Billy Wilder, US 1959)
still from Some Like it Hot (Billy Wilder, US 1959)
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