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still Story of My Death (Albert Serra, ES/FR/RO 2013)

Story of My Death

Albert Serra / ES, FR, RO, 2013 / 148 min.

‘Casanova meets Dracula’ could be the summary of the wondrous meeting of a light-footed hedonist and a bloodthirsty romantic in the Carpathians. Serra’s baroquely designed film is a libertine ode to the sensuality and the hidden layers of the unconscious.

poster Story of My Death (Albert Serra, ES/FR/RO 2013)

Ageing lothario Giacomo Casanova is preparing for a journey to a village hidden away in the thick forests of the Carpathian Mountains. There, he will satisfy his sexual cravings by inviting young farm maids into his bed; Dràcula shares Casanova’s interest in the lilywhite necks of young women – but for very different reasons from the light-footed Italian master of seduction.

The setting serves no other purpose than to set out a conflict that interests Serra: the transition from the rationalist-empirical era of the late eighteenth century (Casanova) into the years of dark Romanticism (Dracula), when interest grows in the mystical-obscure sensation of the Sublime, followed by the repressive morality of the Victorian era.

Story of My Death (Golden Leopard in Locarno) was filmed using cheap digital cameras; the footage was then partly copied onto 35mm film, resulting in an alienating Technicolor effect.

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Albert Serra

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Història de la meva mort


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campaign image Albert Serra – Liberté
still Story of My Death (Albert Serra, ES/FR/RO 2013)
still Story of My Death (Albert Serra, ES/FR/RO 2013)
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