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still Jorge Jácome (Super Natural, 2022)

Super Natural

Jorge Jácome / PT, 2022 / 85 min.

"My body is full of bodies that are full of bodies."

poster Cinedans 2023

It all begins in the dark with two voices, hardly voices, more electronic squelching noises. Their messages subtitled, gently directing us through the film. They speak to each another with such tenderness, overlapping “yous”, “Is” and “wes” as if they speak to everyone around them, on screen or sitting in the cinema. Bodies of all kinds appear before the camera, filmed with a sentiment that makes them impossible to separate from the landscape they find themselves in.

Super Natural is a unique hallucinatory experience, in which crabs and shrimps, drawings of birds, a singing mermaid princess, plastic insects, flowers, avatars, fruits, waters, mountains and a group of performers with and without disabilities merge in the flora and fauna of the island of Madeira. While using fantasy and digital means, the narrative motivates us to see our entanglement with our natural habitat and each other. The first feature film by the talented Portuguese director Jorge Jácome is an experimental, associative film about relative value, beauty and connection.

“Hug me baby, don’t let me fall.”

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Jorge Jácome

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Cinedans 2023

From 24 to 26 March, Cinedans once again invites you to Eye with a full programme of the most beautiful, exciting and poetic dance films of the previous year.

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