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Still Swallow


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Carlo Mirabella-Davis / US, FR, 2019 / 95 min.

A seemingly perfect family has everything going for it. A good job, a lovely house and there’s even a baby on the way. Yet all is not as it seems. A drama unfolds as the young expectant mother develops a dangerous eating disorder.

Poster Swallow

Hunter (Haley Bennett, The Girl on the Train) seems to be leading a wonderful life together with her husband Ritchie (Austin Stowell). Ritchie has just taken charge of the successful family business, when the two turn out to be expecting a baby. The pregnancy, however, unsettles Hunter, who develops a compulsive eating disorder. It’s no average disorder, as she is diagnosed with pica, which is a constant craving for non-edible things.

When the disorder threatens the life of her unborn child, her family-in-law pulls out all the stops to ensure the succession of the family line. But does Hunter’s strange and uncontrollable obsession perhaps hide a bigger secret?

Swallow is the impressive debut of director Carlo Mirabella-Davis en and premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, where budding talent Haley Bennett collected the Best Actress award.

“Clever how this feature film debut gives its own twist to the rare eating disorder pica.” – de Volkskrant

“With Swallow, Mirabella-Davis joins a long tradition of socially engaged genre films.” – Het Parool



Carlo Mirabella-Davis

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95 min.


English, Arabic



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Still Swallow
Still Swallow
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