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Cinedans 2022 Swan Lakes - Gauthier Dance

Swan Lakes - Gauthier Dance

Eric Gauthier / DEUZE, 2021 / 71 min.

For the first time ever, Cinedans FEST hosts an International Performance Relay & Camera Rework Competition. Together with dancescreen by the IMZ International Music + Media Centre, we showcase, in the cinema and online, a diverse selection of film productions from stages around the world.

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Artistic director of dance company Theaterhaus Stuttgart Eric Gauthier, asked choreographers to create their very own version of 'Swan Lake'. This resulted in three 20 minutes long performances by some of the best contemporary choreographers in the world: Hofesh Shechter, Marco Goecke and Cayetano Soto. We meet Marco Goecke's swans at SHARA NUR, with music by Björk. UNTITLED FOR 7 DANCERS by Soto brings the dancers in black full-body suits that are more snake-men than swan-girls as they glide across the floor. Shechter's SWAN CAKE brings a bright, but by no means light-hearted note to the programme, with an irresistible soundtrack made by himself.

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Eric Gauthier

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Swan Lakes - Gauthier Dance


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Cinedans 2022

In five full days, Cinedans presents the state of the art of international dance film in partnership with dancescreen - IMZ International Music + Media Center Vienna.

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