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The Biggest Little Farm

John Chester / US, 2018 / 91 min.

Just outside of Los Angeles, a couple is converting a dried-up piece of land into a farm with a self-regulating ecosystem. A breathtakingly filmed ode to idealism, suitable for the whole family.

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It all began with a promise to their dog Todd. In 2011 filmmaker John Chester and his wife Molly left their work and their life in the city behind to make their dream come true. Not far from Los Angeles the couple tried to turn a barren piece of land into a farm with a flourishing, self-regulating ecosystem. The arid land was cultivated using an ingenious system. With the arrival of ducks, chickens and the endearing pig Emma, their dream gradually turns into reality.


It’s not plain sailing for the couple, however. Every day a new problem presents itself and they are confronted with recalcitrant natural phenomena. By and by, however, John and Molly discover that nature also offers a solution to many of the problems. Trouble with lice? Solve it with ladybirds rather than pesticides. Are the trees attacked by snails? Ducks just love eating them. The Biggest Little Farm is an ode to idealism, the endless complexity of nature and the cycle of life.



John Chester

Production year




Original title

The Biggest Little Farm


91 min.



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