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The Black Ace

Leo Maloney / US, 1928 / 62 min.

He was one of the pioneers of the early Western: in only twenty years, Leo. D. Maloney directed no fewer than 50 films and acted in 150. The Black Ace tells the story of Texas Ranger Dan, who is out to revenge the murder of his father. The Martin de Ruiter Ensemble gallops along with the film.

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In the dawn of the cinema, long before the familiar Hollywood sign appeared above Sunset Boulevard, Maloney founded the Leo Maloney Studio in the sun-drenched San Bernardino valley. Here he directed and produced at a furious pace films ranging from Westerns, melodrama to detectives, to supply the entertainment and vaudeville theatres on the West and East Coast.

One of his first films was evocatively called Why the Sheriff Is a Bachelor (1914), later he directed Westerns like A Gamblin” Fool (1920), One Law for All (1920) and one of the first sound films, Overland Bound (1929).

In The Black Ace Texas Ranger Dan (Don Coleman – one of Maloney”s star actors) is determined to find Cherokee Kaul, his father”s murderer. His foster father Draw Evans, a reformed bandit, looks on with approval and comes to brave Dan”s aid…

Accompanying ensemble: Martin de Ruiter (bandoneon), Thijs Havens (electric guitar, keyboard), Andreas Suntrop (electric guitar, sound effects).



Leo Maloney

Production year




Original title

The Black Ace


62 min.



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