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Eye on Sound: The Eagle (Clarence Brown, US 1925)

The Eagle

Clarence Brown / US, 1925 / 68 min.

Adventure film starring Rudolph Valentino who – at the time, one year before his premature death – was at the height of his fame. Composition and Music Production students from HKU Music and Technology composed the music that will be played live by the Keuris Ensemble led by Henry Kelder.

poster The Eagle (Clarence Brown, US 1925)
The Eagle is loosely based on the posthumously published 1841 novel Dubrovsky by Alexander Pushkin. A lieutenant in the Russian army attracts the attention of Tsarina Catharina II. After rejecting her advances and fleeing, she issues a warrant for his arrest, dead or alive. When he hears his father was persecuted and murdered, he dons a black mask to become The Black Eagle and exact his revenge.

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Clarence Brown

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The Eagle


68 min.


live music, English





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Eye on Sound

With Eye on Sound, Eye focuses on the special relationship between image and sound. Expect live music to silent films, live bands from today to classics of yesteryear, brand new scores to films from the versatile Eye collection and special attention to the often neglected art of sound design.

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still from The Eagle (Clarence Brown, US 1925)
still from The Eagle (Clarence Brown, US 1925)
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