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The Iron Mask

In this sequel to The Three Musketeers (1921), Douglas Fairbanks once again stars as the fearless D'Artagnan, protector of the Sun King Louis XIV. With live musical accompaniment on the organ in Cinema 1.

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Douglas Fairbanks, an actor famous for his panache and athletic prowess, once more impressed with unparalleled feats of swashbuckling and stunt work in his last great adventure film.

The villainous Rochefort is ruthless in his attempts to place Louis XIV”s alleged twin brother on the throne of France. The Sun King is imprisoned, but is liberated by D”Artagan and his fellow musketeers, after which the twin brother is thrown in jail, his face concealed behind an iron mask.

With live accompaniment by Berry van Berkum on a cinema organ originally from the Passage cinema in The Hague, where it was installed in 1929. The organ has been specially restored for EYE.


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